The Solution to Community Solar

The Community Solar Platform provides the flexibility to drive a successful community solar program.


Finally, A Straightforward Approach to Community Solar

You have hundreds of subscribers across your Community Solar arrays, each with different allocations, contract initiations, proration periods, and a number of other factors that make billing, allocation, and acquisition tracking a little...complicated.

That's where the Community Solar Platform can help. By providing a single software solution to manage complex community solar, our platform helps you fill the gaps, govern allocations, lower operating costs, and smooth implementations.

Let's Make This Easy

Over the last 8 years of pioneering Community Solar we've learned the hard lessons. We know the pitfalls and have forged a solution for the many complications of community solar.

The Community Solar Platform gives you proven tools to build your own low cost program that actually improves customer satisfaction.

  • Proven tools to comply with taxes & security laws
  • Accurate automated on-bill credits
  • Acquisition and resubscription services
  • Subscriber allocation and management
  • Customer Service and Support
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Eliminate Confusion &
Provide Useful Insights to Your Customers

Manage credits, reporting, aquisition, billing, and allocation in a single dashboard.

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Community Solar Platform

The Community Solar Platform makes community solar possible. It is the revolutionary, proprietary system developed to provide software solutions for all aspects of implementing a community solar program. Community Solar Platform is available to utilities, munis/co-ops, asset owners & developers via a highly secure and scalable cloud solution.


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  • Re-allocate capacity based on replacement customers.
  • Monitor the total amount of solar electricity generated each month.


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  • Verify the utility's calculation of kWh and the total amount of net metering credits for the renewable energy system delivered to the host meter account.
  • Calculate the net metering credits the utility should have assigned to the customers utility account.
  • Determine monthly customer payment in accordance with the net metering credit sales agreement.


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  • Manage a complete, frictionless customer acquisition experience.
  • Maintain active waitlists to keep prospects engaged.
  • Integrate with a fully automated e-commerce website uniquely branded for your program.

Acquisition & Resubscription Services

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Maximize revenue into a solar garden with fully subscribed off-take. Effectively replace customer attrition.

Product Design Services

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Target essential markets with the most financially viable, customer compelling community solar product available. Don't risk time and money attempting to sell a community solar product that is unattractive to consumers or financially risky for investors.

Invoicing Services

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Translate net metering credits to a manageable file for invoicing. Track invoices issued to and remittances paid by each customer, and pull reports on the payment status of customer invoices.

Customer Service and Support

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Resolve billing inquiries, manage in-grid transfers, and address complex customer inquiries in real time via phone or email.

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Customer Engagement

  • System Performance. Real-time system performance monitoring and reporting, including historical data spanning the life of the system.
  • Solar Savings Data. Daily, monthly and lifetime savings, and equivalent environment comparisons in trees, car miles, carbon offset, and homes powered.
  • Customer Communications. A comprehensive source for facility news and information such as system upgrades, operations and maintenance issues/resolutions, etc.
  • Documents Library. A convenient host for program documentation, including contracts and closing documents.

We're the nation's leading developer of community solar solutions.


It's time to simplify community solar

Contact our knowlegdeable sales team to learn how the Community Solar Platform can simplify your utility, co-op, or municipality's insights.

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