Tools for Successful Community Solar Programs

Opening up the Doors to Community Solar Worldwide Since 2009

Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is the nation’s leading developer of community solar solutions. As the pioneer in delivering clean energy through community solar programs, CEC has more than 100 community solar projects with 27 utility partners across 12 states, servicing thousands of customers.

Through this experience, CEC has developed and perfected complex systems and software tools with proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) components that allow for on-time market deployments. After perfecting these tools and services through more than 130 MW of community solar capacity, we are now offering our state of the art Community Solar Platform tools to utilities, solar developers, and other potential partners nationwide.

Serving thousands of customers nationwide

One Cost. One Solution.

Don’t do it all yourself, risking time and capital. Build your own program using the proven tools from Community Solar Platform. The tools provided by CSP are proven and reliable, helping you avoid risk while offering a low cost program and generating customer satisfaction.

  • Best alternative to self-generation
  • Proven tools to comply with taxes & security laws
  • Accurate automated on-bill credits
  • Powerful consumer marketing and customer acquisition
  • Exceptional buying power for panels and equipment
  • Utility controlled programs
  • Fast, reliable & cost effective
  • Provide your customers with a clean energy choice

Reducing the Complexities of Community Solar Development

Community Solar Platform tools fill the gaps, simplifying the process with proven components, lowest cost and smoothest implementation.


RemoteMeter™ makes community solar possible. It is the revolutionary, proprietary system CEC has developed to provide software solutions for all aspects of implementing a community solar program. RemoteMeter™ is now available to all utility programs through the SaaS tools from Community Solar Platform.

RemoteMeter Foundation™

RemoteMeter Foundation™ offers community solar in an easy, reliable package for you and your customers. On-bill crediting and custom monitoring tools provide compliance and production tracking. Your customers will receive access to the MyOwnCleanEnergy™ engagement platform where they can participate in their solar production, track their financial savings and visualize environmental impacts.

MyOwnCleanEnergy™ is a “white labeled” utility branded customer information portal, driving excitement and engagement among program participants.

  • A cloud-based software for use by energy utilities in managing billing, operations and maintenance of accounts and facilitating electronic payment services
  • Interacting with real-time information, customers are provided an accurate view of their own solar panel production
  • Power generation is graphically represented in the form of CO2 offset, avoided miles driven and the equivalent number of trees planted
  • Production monitoring and reports guarantee high performance and accuracy
  • On-bill crediting software can integrate into any billing platform
  • Build a strong program and reduce risk by using customer contracts that address securities and tax law compliance matters.


RemoteMeter Engagement™

RemoteMeter Engagement™ is the first solar solution capable of managing a complete, frictionless customer acquisition process online. Using E-commerce, automated customer proposals, on-boarding and marketing messaging, customers can shop online from the comfort of their home, or on the go with their mobile device. This is the easiest way to buy solar with capabilities that provide a seamless, modern and easy process for your customers, saving you time and money.

  • SaaS services automating customer service and responds to customer inquiries
  • Manage the entire sales process from sales documents to online transactions, simplifying the process and lowering your costs
  • Customized automated customer proposals with detailed facility statistics and estimated payback, provide all the needed information for a confident sales decision
  • Promote and subscribe your programs efficiently with a custom website, providing a full catalog of marketing materials and automated order fulfillment



RemoteMeter™ O&M provides the tools to operate and maintain your community solar facility at maximum performance – an everyday job with no room for mistakes.

  • 24/7 software monitoring tracks detailed system performance and provides automatic alerts when problems are detected
  • Integration with the entire RemoteMeter™ platform allows a single program management dashboard and automated customer updates



MyOwnCleanEnergy™ is a “white labeled” custom branded customer information portal, driving excitement and engagement among program participants.

Features include:

  • Production monitoring
  • On-bill crediting software
  • Lifetime footprint
  • Report generation
  • Environmental footprint
  • Message center
  • Live alerts
  • Current forecast
  • Mobile/Desktop access
  • Compelling production charts

* MyOwnCleanEnergy™ is included with RemoteMeter Foundation™.


Community Solar Platform services provide you with the guidance of the nation’s top community solar experts. Dedicating themselves to your program, they will provide expert consultation in marketing and sales, project development and financial services. The detailed advice of the community solar leaders will let you avoid costly mistakes while providing your customers with the clean energy choices your customers want.

Customer Acquisition Services

CEC’s Telesales efficiently guide your customers through the purchasing process, providing the highest level of customer service. With thousands of transactions conducted, our experienced sales and marketing team have been assisting customers with community solar since 2009.

  • Customize your community solar communications and marketing messaging with industry experts
  • Specialized sales staff to educate your customers about the benefits of community solar
  • Provides the ultimate customer service experience for initial and ongoing needs


Community Solar Financial Services

Experienced financial industry-leading team, dedicated to providing proven capital solutions, addressing the many unique complexities of community solar projects.

  • Successful product design experience within investment-owned, cooperative and municipal utility environments across a multitude of regulatory and non-regulatory markets
  • Tax equity investment fund to cost-effectively monetize tax credits
  • Low cost term-debt and sponsor equity and custom financial solutions designed specifically for community solar


Delivery Blueprint Services

Our dedicated and experienced land acquisition, project management and O&M service groups provide a complete resource dedicated to streamline the build and maintenance process, avoiding false starts, failed implementations and costly mistakes.

  • Identify and negotiate an appropriate site well suited for your community solar facility
  • Construction services including site development, design, engineering, and construction geared toward an efficient and cost effective systems installation
  • National partnerships allow for procurement of industry-leading equipment and construction, with the benefit of reduced large-volume pricing
  • Dispatch and management of local, experienced solar experts to handle any maintenance


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